Starter culture

Industry Materials/Yogurt Starter Cultures


Produce name :Industry Materials/Yogurt Starter Cultures
Storage condition:
Stored below-18℃ refrigerator for 24 month

    Isolated from traditional fermented foods, our lactic acid bacteria is refined by modern biological fermentation
and freeze drying technology, in international NSF-cGMP certificated workshop. The product is of high-activity,
high-density and high-stability, easy for transportation and storage, meeting different requirements when
manufacturing various fermented milk or yogurt, giving them excellent structure and texture.

Type of yogurt starter cultures:
Type Properties Application Scope
Texture Flavor Set yogurt Stirred yogurt Drinking yogurt
YCL-223 Fast Firm curd/Short structure Soft Strongly recommend   Suitable
YCL-100 Fast Little viscous /Short structure Traditional Strongly recommend   Recommend
YCL-120 Fast Middle viscous /Short structure Traditional Recommend Suitable Recommend
YCL-150 Fast,low post-acidification Thick Very Soft Suitable Recommend Suitable
YCL-130 Fast Thick Soft Suitable Recommend Suitable
YCL-139 Fast Thick Very soft   Strongly recommend Suitable
YCL-200 Fast Firm curd Soft   Strongly recommend Suitable
Recommend dosage:
Milk volume 1L 100L 1000L 2500L
DVS Dosage 0.2U 20U 200U 500U
Operating Guide:
  1. Taking out of the starter culture and leave it in rrom temperature for 15 minutes.
  2. After Sterilize hands under the aseptic environment, add the culture into milk container and stir 15 minuted for full dissolution
  3. Start to ferment