Healthdream | Application of keratin peptide

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Healthdream | Application of keratin peptide powder

    The  keratin peptide is extracted by using a natural keratin such as chicken feather or duck feather as a raw material and using a bio-enzyme cutting technique. Our Wuhan healthdream Biotechnology Co., Ltd is on the stock of 1000Dal light yellow  keratin peptide, it not only has good affinity and moisturizing effect on the skin, but also can be absorbed by the hair, prevents hair damage, and can greatly alleviate the surfactant in the cosmetic formula to the skin.
 keratin is also rich in umami amino acids such as glutamic acid and aspartic acid, which can be used to make new food additives for use in the food processing industry. At the same time, amino acids and derivatives thereof obtained by keratin hydrolysis have the dual effects of bactericidal, disease-preventing and stimulating growth of crops, and can be used as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth promoters.
With the increasing application in recent years, the  keratin peptide can also make cosmetics. Some customers in our Wuhan healthdream Biotechnology Co., Ltd in Europe and America have used keratin hydrolysate as a new type of natural cosmetic raw material, which has been successfully used in the production of cosmetics such as shampoo and skin care. The palmitoyl peptide is obtained by using keratin peptide, and further, a moisturizing agent for cosmetics such as facial cleanser, skin cream, and lipstick is prepared. In addition, domestic customers have also transferred keratin peptide genes into cotton for
expression, resulting in transgenic cotton, which has significantly higher toughness than ordinary cotton. Our Wuhan healthdream Biotechnology Co., Ltd can customize the most suitable  keratin peptide according to the customer's different purposes.
Produce name  keratin peptide powder
Source  Trotters, feather or duck feather
Appearance   light yellow
Specification >90%
Packing 25kg/drum
Storage Room temperature storage
Shelf life 24 mouth

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