Healthdream | The efficacy and application of plant protein peptide powder

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              Plant active peptide is a kind of bioactive peptide. It is a general term for different peptides from different dipeptides to complex linear and circular structures composed of 20 natural amino acids in different compositions and arrangements. It is a multifunctional protein. The most complex compound. The active peptide has the functions of metabolism and physiological regulation of the human body, is easy to digest and absorb, has the functions of promoting immunity, hormones, enzyme inhibitors, antibacterial, antiviral, blood lipid lowering, food safety and high, and is the most popular research topic in the international food industry. And is a promising functional factor.
Plant protein active peptides have the following different functional peptides:
1. Antioxidant peptide,
Soy peptides, corn peptides, and rice bran peptides have been found to have a great effect on the lack of antioxidant peptides in animals and affect growth and even life damage.
2. Lowering blood pressure active peptide
Studies have found that there are many A C E inhibitory peptides in plant proteins, and ACE inhibitors can block the production of angiotensin, which is a good drug for lowering blood pressure.
3. Immunomodulatory peptide
Studies also have found that soy peptides, rice peptides, and rapeseed peptides can enhance non-specific immunity and intestinal immune function in mice.
4. Hypolipidemic peptide
There are many bioactive peptides VPDPR and LPYPR for weight loss and cholesterol lowering in the enzymatic hydrolysate of glycinin.
5. High F value oligopeptide
The F value is the ratio of the content of the branched chain amino acid to the aromatic amino acid in the amino acid mixture. High F-value oligopeptides have adjuvant treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, supplementing the protein nutrition and anti-fatigue effects of postoperative patients. Both high-value oligopeptides are contained in soy protein active peptides and zein peptides
6. Glutamine active peptide
Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. After the body undergoes excessive exercise, starvation, surgery, trauma, burns, acidosis and sepsis, the demand for glutamine far exceeds that of synthetic glutamine in the body. The ability of the amide. Plant protein is rich in glutamine and is a good raw material for the production of tubular glycamide active peptides.
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