Healthdream | The Function of AA2G

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Update time : 2020-08-07 12:00:01
AA2G is a stabilized Vitamin C derivative synthesized from vitamin C and starch by enzymatic technology from Wuhan Healthdream Biotech Co.,LTD. This ingredient allows vitamin C to be conveniently and effectively manufactured in cosmetics. Creams and lotions containing AA2G are used on the skin and through the action of enzymes and α-glycosidase on the skin, the vitamin C contained in AA2G can be slowly released. AA2G can be used to lighten skin tone and reduce the pigmentation of age spots and freckles. AA2G is not only used for whitening, but also can brighten dull skin tone, delay aging, and protect the skin in sunscreen products.
AA2G will converted into vitamin C afer enter skin cells, it can significantly reduce the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, meanwhile Inhibition of tyrosinase will reduces dopaquinone which is an intermediate substance in the synthesis of melanin, another additional benefit is the simultaneous conversion of dopaquinone to levodopa, which also can inhibit melanin formation and B16 melanoma cells. Which to make AA2G to Brighten skin tone;
AA2G can resist UV damage by greatly reduce the free radicals produced by ultraviolet radiation, thereby significantly reducing skin damage, have anti-aging, Promote collagen synthesis
AA2G have high
stability in solution and have anti-tarish property, Which can help it improve the stability of product quality.
Wuhan Healthdream Biotech Co.,LTD supply high quantity AA2G for your cosmetic, any interested, pls fell free to contact us.
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