Protein Peptide

Abalone peptide

Produce name: Abalone oligopeptides
Raw material: original ecology abalone
Molecular weight: <1000Da

    No antigenicity, no allergic reaction, more easily absorbed by human body, instant solution in warm water, no
bitter taste, good taste

    Abalone is a traditional and precious food in China and enjoys a good reputation in the international market.
Its nutrition is seven times that of Australian walnut, rich in protein, liver sugar, a variety of amino acids, vitamin
trace elements and physiological active substances, enjoying high nutritional value and medicinal value.

    Rich in selenium, it can fight cancer, resist oxidation, enhance resistance, and antagonize the absorption of
harmful heavy metals. Besides, it also has a strong antioxidant effect, which can remove free radicals in the body,
achieve the anti-aging effect, and achieve the pure natural whitening and wrinkle removal function.

Qualification certification:
    SGS, an international third-party testing agency, has passed the whole inspection of agricultural residues, drug
residues and heavy metals, excluding antibiotics and other drug residues and excluding heavy metals. The
production process has passed the international quality system certification, with organic raw materials and organic
production process.

Process flow:
    Using the unique enzyme engineering technology, the oligopeptida-specific complex enzyme is cut, refined,
separated and prepared, and the functional elements are retained completely.

Scope of application:
    Suitable for health food, skin care, sports drinks, special medical formula, nutrition drinks, etc.
Applicable population:
    Female health care group.