Wuhan Healthdream Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Mission


  • To be a best in class products and services company in the industry



  • To provide unsurpassed product quality, food safety, and customer service

  • To commit to the success of our customers, supplier and industry partners



  • Integrity – Healthdream is committed to honesty, trust and responsibility with our customers, suppliers, communities and ourselves.

  • Quality and Excellence in Everything We Do – Healthdream's goal is to deliver quality and excellence in our products and services. Healthdream is constantly innovating in an effort to continuously improve the customer experience.

  • Teamwork and Shared Success – Through teamwork, Healthdream believes it can create opportunities for shared success with our customers, suppliers, partners, employees and communities.

  • Sustainability – Healthdream is committed to implementing sustainable practices across the supply chain from aquaculture and fisheries management to logistics and distribution practices. Healthdream believes that promoting sustainable products and practices is the most effective way to ensure a future for our company and our industry.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate responsibility at Healthdream means demonstrating our vision, mission and values throughout our corporation and striving to be a responsible corporate people to our customers, suppliers, partners, employees and communities. Arista believes it has an obligation to operate in a responsible manner with respect to the environment, to human rights, to our communities, and to business ethics.