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Blueberry Concentrate juice

Item No.: 55
Product name: Blueberry Concentrate juice
Apparence:dark violet concentrated liquid
Packing:25kg/drum or customized
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage:keep away from sunlight and mositure
Description Certificate of analysis(COA) Our company

Blueberry Concentrate juice
 Product name  Blueberry Concentrate juice
 Apparence  Dark violet concentrated liquid
 Specification  66°Brix
 Total acid  1.18~ 1.62%
 Nitrogen amino acid  NLT 89mg/200g
 Pulp content  4%~ 12%

Grape nature is flat, taste sweet acid, enter lung, splenic, kidney classics.It has the effect of invigorating qi and blood, benefiting liver and kidney,
producing body fluid, strengthening muscles and bones, relieving cough and relieving trouble,
invigorating qi and blood, and relieving urine;It is mainly used to treat weak qi and blood, cough due to lung deficiency,
palpitations and night sweats, rheumatism and pain, drenching, edema and other diseases.


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