Cosmetic Beauty

Gold Foil

Product storage:Seal and store in a cool, dry place
Shelf life:36 months
Application areas:Cosmetic,Decoration
Function:help to improve skin permeability
application:architectural decoration

item: value
Material: metal
Printing: Letterpress printing
Print Method: 1 color
Type: Gold
Product Type: Medal
Technique: Painted
Style: Folk Art
Use: Holiday Decoration & Gift
Theme: Buddhism
Regional Feature: China
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Health Dream
Model Number: no.17
Product name: Gold Foil
Synonyms: Gold Flakes ; Gold Leaf ; Gold Paper;gold piece
Product appearance: Golden flaky
Product specifications:  ≥98%
Product packaging: 1piece/plastic bag
Product storage: Seal and store in a cool, dry place
Shelf life: 36 month
Application areas: Cosmetic,Decoration
Function: help to improve skin permeability, adjust skin acid and alkali, make skin nutrition

1. Edible gold foil, used in wine, pastries, pastries, coffee, tea, hot pot, cooking, condiments, cosmetics, bath,
etc., to improve the quality of goods, display luxury goods, and increase the festive atmosphere.
2. Cosmetic gold foil can completely delay skin aging, make skin recovery and maintain smooth, firm, bright,
uniform, moist young state, and then achieve beauty anti-aging magic effect
3. Gold foil is used for architectural decoration. It can also be used as medicine for pasting gold on statues of
Buddha, ink and printing clay.
4. The gold thread made of gold foil can be woven into "Yunjin", which is used for clothing and handicrafts.
5. Modern electronic industry has a half tone, sword, video head gap, etc.It's made of gold leaf.

1. Gold foil help to improve skin permeability, adjust skin acid and alkali, make skin nutrition, prevent ultraviolet
damage, remove toxins, prevent pigment formation.

2.The addition of edible gold foil can improve the grade of goods, show luxurious style and increase festive