Healthdream |Healthdream shows you how to distinguish the quality level of Bovine collagen powder

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Author : Lionel
Update time : 2020-01-04 17:06:10

Hydroxyproline, which is one of the characteristic indicators of bovine collagen protein checklist, is a kind of amino acid and an important component of high content of 17 amino acids in collagen.

The human body can synthesize glycine and proline by its own,but the hydroxyproline in collagen can not be synthesized by the human body, so if the human body wants to synthesize collagen, hydroxyproline is essential.

Based on such an important measure, is hydroxyproline higher the content of bovine collagen powder the better?

In fact, this is not the case. When distinguishing the quality of bovine collagen products, in addition to whether its target hydroxyproline content has reached the international standard wet base of 12.6%, it also depends on its source and grade. The source of the raw material determines collagen amino acid composition, of which the content of hydroxyproline is naturally fixed. Therefore, the level of hydroxyproline does not correspond to the collagen content of the final product. That is to say, the content of hydroxyproline in bovine collagen powder is not as high as possible, but it is maintained at a moderate value after exceeding international standards .

Due to the low content of hydroxyproline in cowhide, the wet base of our Wuhan Healthdream  bovine collagen powder is about 17%, and the raw materials come from the second-tier cowhide, which is more outstanding compared with the outermost cowhide raw materials of other companies. Our Wuhan healthdream raw materials can ensure the microbiological test to fully meeting the customer's strict requirements.

 Therefore, the role of bovine collagen depends on the coordination of various amino acids, not just one amino acid. Although hydroxyproline has a good effect on the skin, it does not mean that the higher the content, the better the effect.

Hydroxyproline is one of the characteristic ingredients of bovine collagen powder, but it is not the only active ingredient.Wuhan Healthdream bovine collagen powder can meet your various requirements, the mesh size can be customized for your differentapplication.


Writen by Lionle Yang